Our Partners

Life Sumo provides advice and education to those looking to understand how not to fall victim to a ‘system’ that thrives on ignorance.

It is our objective to improve financial literacy and improve people’s Life Protection, Super, Money and Investments. Do you ever feel overwhelmed about some of life’s big decisions and necessities? Life Sumo navigates you through the trickier and more complicated parts of life, breaking down the confusing world of Investments, Super and Personal protection – along with a range of other major life skills to put you in a position to take control. Why are we doing this? Your world is a better place when you have real, usable information. You are at your most powerful when you are educated and understand that you don’t have to accept the status quo. Your future is not out of your control – that changes the moment you take get informed and we’re here to help.


Sweet Violets is a specialty costume designer and maker based in Cairns. Noelene has been making costumes for over 30 years now and has previously made costumes for some of the major dance schools in Cairns. Noelene also designs costumes specified to a routine or to a vision that you may have.


We are lucky to have Noelene on board to make all our dance costumes and to be able to tailor our competition uniforms to fit each individual body type. We believe that it gives Phoenix DSE an edge on the competition as we can have Noelene on hand to help with alterations along with ensuring that the uniforms and costumes are washed properly and stay in good condition.

During the month of February Phoenix Dynamic Sports Entertainment was involved in Mt Sheridan’s Sports Sign on month. Through this we have been lucky enough to receive support from Mt Sheridan in the form of cash donations and sponsorship. We are excited to have Mt Sheridan on board as a corporate sponsor of Phoenix and we cannot wait to see some new equipment in the gym all thanks to the team at Mt Sheridan!

Mt Sheridan Plaza is a neighbourhood shopping centre located approximately 10 kilometres south of the Cairns CBD. The centre is conveniently located on the corner of the Bruce Highway, Foster Road and Barnard Drive.

Mt Sheridan Plaza comprises a fully enclosed single level building with Coles, KMart, Woolworths, and an internal mall lined with specialty stores for things you need and more. Be sure to support Mt Sheridan just as they have supported our community.